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Care & Advice

  • As leather is a living thing caring and treating your leather garment give long Durable and flexible life. Leather is made by tanning animal rawhide and skin, often cattle goat and lamb hide. Hideman leathers are made from finest raw materials and traditional tanning methods, and we take pride in the craftsmanship of our leather to leather products in a wide variety of types and styles.
  • Caring and maintaining your leather products will give you wonderful appearance and long life. Use a soft brush gently on your leather jackets to remove dust and dirt. Allow to hang the garment in sufficiently ventilated place where air can pass through far from direct heat and sun light.
  • Pat dry any excess water with a sponge or soft cotton cloth and then shake off to ensure that no water retains.
  • It is possible to clean the leather with a wool soaked in some natural cleansing as it gives shine and nutrients to your leather garment and other leather items. For suede leather in certain instances it is possible to remove light and soft stains with a rubber.
  • Doing any of the following will damage your leather products:
    • Do not dry clean the leather.
    • Do not machine wash.
    • Do not tumble dry.
    • Do not use soap or detergent of any kind.
    • Do not use solvents or bleach.
    • Do not iron.
    • Do not force dry or expose to a direct flame or heat sources.
    • Do not expose to direct sunlight for a long period of time.
    We recommend taking your leather product to a professional Leather Care or cleaning company.


    • Keep in area with good ventilation, away from direct sunlight or heat sources.
    • Do not store in any plastic bags or sealed plastic bags. As plastic will dry the leather and may stick to the leather after long periods of time.
    • Do not store in places with high humidity or wet places.


    • Please contact us if you need to repair your leather article at info@hideman.sg or whatsapp +918754246611 and our team will contact you shortly on how we can help repair the product.
    • Its good to protect your jackets from heavy down pour of rain where ever possible. If leather gets wet natural substances in the leather seeps to the surface. And when things heats up the natural substances can evaporates leaving your jacket dry and brittle. So to avoid this your jacket needs your possible care. A good leather conditioner periodically can make your jacket more water resistant as it will keep it useable and new for a long time. In case your leather jacket got soaked it is best to allow it dry naturally.
    • We also offer after sale services in our singapore store. You can take your leather garments to our store or call our customer service team at whatsapp call +918754246611 or customercare@hideman.sg
    • Alteration and repairing of all kinds of leather jackets, pants and bags.